Training Band

The Training Band meets at lunch time on Wednesdays, where the girls gather as a large ensemble and focus on ensemble and performing techniques, as well as working towards some performances throughout the year. The Training Band will be run by Mr Gene White and will develop keen players and prepare them to move to Junior Band. Some performance opportunities throughout the year include the Autumn Fair, Special Assemblies and Recess concerts.

Training Band Program is $160per year.

Training Band is open to everyone in year 4 to expand on their IP classes. Year 5 & 6 students may wish to stay and become The Captain of their section and have a senior role in the band. Year 3 students can only join if they are in the Flame morning tutorial.

All students learn at different rates and some instruments are harder to initially play. Students are encouraged to stay in Training Band for the amount of time needed for them. A common amount of time is 1 to 2 years before moving into Jr Band. In doing this Jr Band are able to play a more challenging repertoire.