Year 3 & 4 Instrumental Program

Danebank provides the opportunity for every student in Years 3 and 4 to learn an instrument. The Girls can choose from a selection of Brass, Woodwind, String and Percussion. The only cost to the family is for instrument hire which helps us maintain the instruments. This $88.00 per Semester charge will be added to your school fees.

Students will be placed in two different groups.  If your Year 3 or 4 daughter already learned an instrument, she will be placed in The Flame Orchestra and those girls who have never learned an instrument will be in The Spark Band program.  The Flame Orchestra will meet from 7.30am and will have a tutorial till 8.10 when they will be joined by The Spark Band students at 8.10. All will finish at 8.50 ready for the start of school.

In addition to this program, we also offer an optional Training Band Program for Year 3 and 4 students, at a one-off cost of $160 for the year. The Training Band meets at lunch time on Wednesdays, where the girls gather as a large ensemble and focus on ensemble and performing techniques, as well as working towards some performances throughout the year. The Training Band will be run by Mr Gene White and will develop keen players and prepare them to move to Junior Band. It will also supplement the learning in the morning tutorials and extend students further.  Some performance opportunities throughout the year include the Autumn Fair, Special Assemblies and Recess concerts.

Everything you need to know:

Lessons begin in Term 1 Week 3 Wednesday, 13th February 2019.

Please have your daughter at school each Wednesday morning at 7:30am for the Flame Orchestra and 8:10 for the Spark Band. Students are to wait in their class line area where tutors will collect them for lessons.

Students will find out which instrument group they are in, as well as their room and tutor prior to the first lesson.

Students will receive an instrument at their first lesson and the tutors will show them how to assemble and protect them. Care and maintenance instructions will be given out with the instrument and remain the obligation of the student to upkeep throughout the year.

Students will be given an Instrument Method Book at their first lesson, which remains the property of the school and will need to be returned at the end of the year.

There will be an opportunity for you to come and see the girls performing later in the year.

What do I need to bring to lessons each week.
Your Instrument
Instrument method book
Plastic envelope folder
Pencil and rubber

How are instrument preferences chosen
We will try to issue each student with one of their first two preferences, however, we need to consider a number of factors in the decision making process including availability of instruments for hire, suitability for the child, difficulty of instrument and numbers in each tutorial group.
1st preference will be given to students that are enrolled before the start of term one for private tuition on their chosen instrument at Danebank.

Can I use my own instrument
Yes, This will be offered as a trial in 2019 to see if it works.

We have professional instruments to hire at the school. It is very important to start learning on a good quality instrument that will inspire you.

If you do use your own instrument all books for the program will need to be bought by you.

If your instrument is seen to be unfit you will have to hire an instrument.
Please talk to your tutor before purchasing an instrument.

Can I change instruments

No, unless your tutor suggests that the instrument is unsuitable for you.

What morning will IP run and who will be my tutor

Clarinet Rachel Thompson
Cello Sharon Maennl
Percussion Gene White
Trumpet Paul Rasmussen

Violin Sharon Maennl
Flute Mellisa Page
Guitar Gene White
Trombone Paul Rasmussen
Saxophone Emma Story