Music Diary and Practice

Each student who participates in the tuition program will be given a Danebank Music Diary. This is to be used for the following:

  • Weekly communication between parents and music tutor.
  • Information about music homework and practice requirements.
  • For senior students missing class, the diary is used as an attendance log to be signed by the music tutor after each lesson and shown to class teachers to confirm that students have been attending a music lesson.


Undertaking musical tuition is a commitment on the part of the student. We ask all families involved to support their daughter’s progress by encouraging regular practise at home. This is essential if significant progress is to be made. It will also greatly increase the level of satisfaction for the student and her speed of mastery of her instrument.

A regular time and place needs to be found for all practice. Small amounts of regular practise are far more beneficial than a longer practice session just before a lesson.

For most instruments, it is also essential to have a music stand at home to ensure correct posture and technique.